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Stars On Guitars

...capturing the star in your life through the art of mosaics

Josephine and Gordon Getz started GojoMo Inc. in 2002; Josephine as the artist, and Gordon as the resident poet, who writes a poem to accompany each and every piece that Jo creates.

Jo's mosaic artwork began when she broke a precious piece of her late grandmother's prize china:

"My Grandma's china was proudly displayed

in her glass closet where it rested each day.

Except Sunday's that is, when we gathered to dine.

Meals served on her china were always divine.

Limoges and Blue Willow were some names I recall

and Clarice Cliff she said was her favorite of all.

When she passed, her dear china was not packed away

as we each took some home to put on display.

An accident shattered her precious Clarice

and I know Grandma shuddered, may she rest in peace.

So I gathered the pieces and thought of a way

that I could still put my Grandma's Clarice on display.

I found an old mirror that needed repair

and glued Grandma's china on the frame with a flare.

The result was surprising, a real masterpiece,

a setting deserving of Grandma's Clarice.

Now when I look in that mirror it's not me that I see

But a very proud Grandma who's smiling at me."

Jo and Gordon live in Franklin, Tennessee

Jo is a BOARD member for WCCAC Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission.

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