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Stars On Guitars

...capturing the star in your life through the art of mosaics

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Update Stars on Guitars

Posted on September 24, 2012 at 10:48 PM
H,I everyone. Keeping busy trying to get these guitars done for fund raisers. giving back is the most uplifting feeling on your heart strings.  right now I am busy helping a beautiful family.
The Sheridan's. I am trying to get a fund raiser going for them. I donate and go to fund raiser's but never did one for someone in great need. I have had one done for me years ago for my husband. Knowing there are people out there with stretched out arms to help in any way they can is what makes this world the place we long for. So, with that I will keep you updated on where and when this will take place for Samantha Sheridan who has Epidermalosys Bullosa!
Look her up, lift her up, and pray for a miracle. We need funds for medical supplies such as bandages which are very costly.
Love you all and thanks for stopping by... As my Pastor always said "Hand on and don't let go".
Josephine xxoxoxo hugs

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